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Será esta a pior música de sempre?

Dá pelo nome de Gnesa, chega de Nova Iorque e é um dos grandes fenómenos da música actual... pelas piores razões possíveis.

Apesar de já ser considerado por muitos um dos piores de sempre, a jovem cantora, oriunda de Nova Iorque, viu o seu tema «Wilder» tornar-se viral, sendo visto (e ouvido), em menos de duas semanas, por mais de 765 mil pessoas no YouTube.

O que mais espanta, para além da péssima qualidade (a todos os níveis) do trabalho, é que praticamente todos os comentadores do vídeo se uniram numa espécie de private joke e, ao invés de a criticar, lhe elogiam veementemente as capacidades em mais de 800 comentários.

Podem, assim, descobrir-se por lá pérolas como:

How did you think of these lyrics? You're a true genious, and your voice! I thought I was touched by an angel when you first started singing!!

This song has helped me realize how amazing this world we live in, opened my eyes to the majestic beauty of nature. Changed my life forever. Thank you Gnesa. Thank you.

Oh Gnesa... I am totally in love with your music!!! I used to love Janis Joplin, Alanis Morissette, Florence + The Machine... but now that i've found you, they are history to me. I've been a fool and I've been blind. And now I am revived!!! Gnesa, you are the one!!! You are my number one!!!

the part where you say "la" that one time is my favorite! life changer for sure...

Finally, a musician who is not tone deaf and has powerful lyrics that really speak to the current generation. Few musicians are brave enough to put such strong messages out to the public. I can't wait for this to be out on iTunes so I can buy it and listen to it while I work out, study or am just trying to have a relaxing evening. I want to dance to this song with my daughter when she gets married. Gods! Its just amazing!

I could really feel the subtle emotion nuances that carry throughout the chorus.

Pardon my English not for me all good. We love this Gnesa song here at my country. Peoples singing dancing in street. We make huge party and get wilder with womens and mans. Gnesa so sexy in dresses like not my wifes. All the mens of my family say to take Gnesa higher is to perfect dream.

My grandpa died recently and we've been looking for a song to play at his wake; just something truly beautiful...something that can put into words what we mere mortals can't. The search is over.

Once in a generation there is a song that sums up all of the heart and soul of a people. To say that this song is incredible is a gross understatement. The travesty is that there is no world to describe truly how beautiful this song and this young lady is. This song speaks to my heart and makes me yearn for love and embrace. This truly is a classic. One for the ages. Good work Gnesa.

Confira abaixo «Wilder», de Gnesa:

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